Fast Reading Tips

Reading with speed is essential to finish the long chapters and books at a faster pace. Not only this fast reading improves your cognition skills to understand, estimate and analyse the situations at a fast pace. In one way it can be termed as one of the mind training techniques as well.

In this article, we are enlisting some of the ways that will help in improving your reading speed to a great extent for those who are looking forward to learn “how to read faster”.

  1. Do not read to yourself:

From our childhood our focus gets laid on learning instead of reading faster. Therefore, we get into a habit of slowly reading in such a pattern that we can remember the facts. Thereby, we read silently to imagine the words as our throat moves. It is a good way to remember the facts and concepts but affects the speed of reading.

Thus, it will be better to curb this habit. There are very simple methods that can help you in stopping yourself from sub reading the concepts. Start chewing a gum or eating a candy while you start reading something! It will distract your throat from moving and thus reading things at a much faster pace.

Fast Reading Tips

  1. Keep your hands on previous words:

While we are reading, our eyes tend to move backwards to the words that we have already read. Therefore, it will be a good practice to keep your fingers or some other object on the words as you proceed to read further.

  1. Control the movements of your eyes:

When people ask us that “how to read faster”, we tell them that the movement of our eyes play an important role in the reading speed. Our eyes move here and there due to a number of distractions that prevail. Sometimes, they jump up or get stuck on some interesting word or phrase for a longer period of time. We need to train our eyes to keep moving by making conscious efforts so that they do not hold back to one place.

  1. RSVP software:

This is very useful software for people who want to improve the speed of their reading. This application can be used on the phone as well as laptop or computer screen. You can select from several reading speeds that are available in the software. One word flashes on the screen at one time. You can increase the speed gradually with time as you get hold on one type of speed gradually. It is suggested to start with a higher speed as it boosts the accuracy of reading words although you will not be able to remember the words.

  1. Check the time while you read:

You have to do regular efforts every day by timing your reading speed with stop watch. If needed, write down how many words your read in one minute with every effort. It is better to keep the count for one minute. When you improve your reading stamina you can increase the reading time slot to 5 minutes and then 10 minutes. Not only will it improve the speed of reading, it will help you to retain fast reading for longer duration of time as well.

These are some of the best techniques that will help you to learn “how to read faster”.

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