Top 7 Presentation Tips for Students

In today’s digital era more and more professors and tutors start using different gadgets and tools to vary academic process. Presentations help to visualize information and improve the perception. Nowadays, it is a perfect way to provide convincing examples and data that audience usually can’t get aurally. Therefore, it is a useful tool for speakers, especially, if the topic is complex. Furthermore, presentations help to revise information quickly.

Beside aforementioned impressive advantages of presentations, students can face difficulties while making them. Use the following directions to produce effective work.

Presentation Tips for Students

Make a Good Essay

Don’t be surprised! Beside tech skills, you have to show your knowledge in a specific field or question. And it, actually, makes sense unless you are at the computer science classes. You have to present your thoughts and ideas orderly, with a clear structure. Thus, use your writing skills to produce a good content of your presentation. Do it independently or use Essay Lab writing service to learn how to write a powerful and competitive essay.

Know Your Topic

Generally, most of students start with presentation software itself, when it comes to accomplishing the task. How wrong they are! At the very beginning it is important to understand your topic, conduct a thorough research, find out weak and strong points of the issue, its peculiarities. This information will make your presentation strong and substantial as you will use convincing facts, references and statistics and verified data.

Make sure you understand your topic right. Pay attention to such key words as ‘explain’, ‘compare’, ‘argue’, ‘describe’.

Brainstorm Key Phrases

Now let’s move to presentation itself. It shouldn’t contain a lot of text. It seems boring. Use key phrases relevant for presentation that really make sense and refer to particular idea. Your topic can be vast and you can speak for hours about it. However, choose three-four important and strong points and go back to them one-two time during presentation.

No Poems There

Again, let’s talk about text. Remember, that you are not supposed to write poems. You have to reveal your topic with a help of phrases, key points, graphs, pictures. Much text is the worst thing that a speaker can do while making a presentation. Such reports awfully perceived by audience. In other words, your classmates won’t have anything to focus their attention. Always keep in mind, that it is an ORAL presentation.

No Poems Again

Have you already removed unnecessary text from your slides? Great. Now limit their number. It’s not a poem again and probably you won’t have much time for presentation. 5-7 minutes of speech require 7-10 slides (depending on the volume of information, speed of speaking, etc.).

Watch Layout

The layout of your slides is important as it either helps the audience to perceive the most important information or to dissipate their attention. Titles should be in the place, they are supposed to be (at the top). The most important information should follow after the title.

Other information can be placed on the bottom.

Forget about Fancy Fonts

Don’t use the skills you have got during computer science classes. There is no need to use fancy fonts and unusual styles. Your presentation has to be readable and simple fonts contribute it. Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana perfectly meet the requirements. Furthermore, don’t use more than two different fonts large enough (at least 18 pt. and preferably 24 pt.).

Don’t forget about colors. Dark text on the light background is the best.

Use animations and pictures to vary the content of your report and let the audience relax.

With the help of aforementioned basic tips you will make your presentation a little bit better and your audience will be satisfied.

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