Tips To Write An Appealing And Interesting CV

Curriculum Vitae or CV is a brief introduction about your professional and educational background, and is an important part of job application process.

CV is a kind of marketing document, which conveys your capabilities, qualifications, skills, and experience to potential employers. In other words, you need to market yourself and tell the prospective employers, why should select you for the job.

Write An Appealing And Interesting CV

Aspects looked for in a CV are –

  • Experience related to your past and current job
  • Education details
  • Qualifications and job related skills
  • Readable
  • Grammar and spellings
  • Accomplishments
  • Contact information
  • Computer skills
  • Clear objective
  • Intangibles
  • References

What is a good CV?

General rules that are applied include –

  • Target it to the particular position you are applying for. It includes the applicable skills you have that can help an organization achieve their goal.
  • Carefully and clearly arranged, so it becomes easy to read without getting confused.
  • It should be brief but informative.
  • Content should accurate in terms of grammar and spellings.

(Important tip – If you get interview calls regularly, then the CV is good. It means you don’t need to change it.)

In case you are not getting any calls, then you can hire a resume writer. People make errors in their resume unknowingly like not tailored to necessary job post, vague profile, too lengthy or too short, exaggeration, etc.

Types of CV


Skilled based CVs are highly focused around your abilities and skills with regards to a specific job. These CV types work fine for those whose work experience and degree differ to the job they are applying for.


CV that includes outlines career history according to date is easy to prepare. This conventional approach is biographical, comprehensive, and detailed. Iy works well with those having mixed education and job experience.

Mature people cannot benefit from chronological approach because it defines their age, work experience, and career breaks, which hardly has any relevance to the position, you are about to apply for.

CV for job applications in foreign country needs to be different, so take help from professional resume writers.

Why target your CV?

Employment market is competitive. Untargeted CV tends to grab attention, when compared to the ones written for the specific job role.

Emails are not simple to read, so use simple text with lots of space, and short paragraphs. You can even send CV as an attachment in different formats like PDF, MS Word, Rich text, etc.

Web CVs use HTML format. These are good for jobs like computer games, web design or multimedia. You can use graphics, hyperlinks, colour, and sound to demonstrate your technical capabilities with your portfolio.

Electronically scanned CVs are also used. It is designed to extract vital details like skills, qualifications, and work experience.

CV presentation tips

  • Each page of the CV needs to be on a separate paper, never back to back.
  • Be reasonable with words and include relevant and crucial info. Focus on main facts, but be brief.
  • Highlight your strong features, but be honest. Misleading information can have negative impression.
  • Never fold a CV but post it in a full-sized envelope.

All these little things will help you draft a good CV. However, if you are too held up with other task, then hire a reputed resume writing company.

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