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PGH – Need And Maintenance

Endocrinology is the study of endocrine system. This include the study of all the glands in this system and their functions. One such gland in the system is the pituitary gland. This is a very small gland and as small as a chick pea in size. But it performs a very important function of life.  It secretes the Growth hormone (GH). As the name suggest, GH enters our bloodstream, flows through it and reaches the liver. Here it enhances the liver to create protein names Insulin. This insulin is the growth promoting protein and is of utmost importance. It makes the long bones to lengthen at the ends. This Pituitary Growth Hormone, PGH has its own side effects and also positive effects on the body.

The PGH regulates a number of processes in the body and helps in regulating metabolism rate. This helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels as well. A simulation test helps in detecting the levels of PGH in the blood. The normal value ranges from minimum 10 ng/mL, intermediate being 5-10 ng/mL and sub normal is 5 ng/mL. The levels may slightly vary person to person and lab to lab.

PGH – Need And Maintenance

PGH when not secreted in adequate amounts:

At times, it is observed that few children grow quickly and are very tall and some remain short. This is due to the secretion of PGH in them. This means that lack of PGH leads to lowered growth. Hence adequate PGH secretion is very important. As we grow in age, the PGH levels reduce but continue to be secreted as it promotes health and wellness of the individual. In case of abnormalities, supplements are given through DNA technology.

Options to increase PGH and the standard dose:

There are various injections available in the market that helps in increasing the secretion of PGH in body. Also, supplements through diet are the best options as they are legal and also safe in every way and at every age. But when we choose the natural options, it is very important to know the brands and their contents. The products available in the market have various natural ingredients in them which enhance the activities of GH. Also its effects differ from person to person based on age, strength and immunity. Accordingly the doses are decided to get the desired results.

PGH reviews:

Many times we get scared that the growth of our child is less than the others of his age and doubt of some abnormalities. It is better to consult your pediatrician in this case. Also this can be the case in adults where they may suffer from giddiness, anxiety, age related concerns, etc. They also should consult the doctors for the PGH functioning.

PGH side effects can also be caused due to inadequate consumption of medicines, improper diets, low exercises and may lead to mood swings, abnormal or reduced growth as well. It is very important to maintain a balanced diet and regular workout routine as we go beyond the natural ways to gain the natural growth.

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