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Make a Slideshow for an University Project

Many university courses will require the students to make a slideshow presentation to demonstrate their knowledge on the subject. To create a slideshow for your university project, you should invest in a basic slideshow maker program like Movavi Slideshow Maker. It is worthwhile on investing in a slideshow maker program because you are likely to get presentation projects in your other courses in the near future. Newbie students can give Movavi Slideshow Maker a try because it is really easy to use it. The following are 5 steps on how to use Movavi Slideshow Maker to create a slideshow presentation for your university project.

Slideshow for an University Project

  1. Creating a Slideshow in the Easy Mode

Movavi Slideshow Maker allows you to create a slideshow in two ways. It comes with an easy mode that guides you on creating a slideshow in just three simple steps through the slideshow wizard. The easy mode is best for people who are not going to make any edits on the pictures. This is because the easy mode does not give you access to picture editing tools like trimming, crop and rotate. The three steps in the easy mode are adding photos, choose transition style and add music. The easy mode is great for students who are on a busy schedule and want to be able to finish the slideshow in as little time as possible.

  1. Creating a Slideshow in the Normal Mode

You can also create the slideshow without the wizard. The difference between the easy mode and the normal mode is that the normal mode gives you more options to customize the slideshow. You must first prepare the media files such as pictures and audio files that you are going to use in the slideshow by saving them into a folder on the hard disk. To load the media files into the software, you can just drag the folder to the timeline and they will be added to the timeline tracks.

  1. Adding a Background Music to the Slideshow

 The timeline in Movavi Slideshow Maker supports audio track so you can just drag your audio file into the timeline to create a slideshow with music. There are 2 different audio tracks including upper and lower audio tracks. The upper audio track is for placing the linked audio clips while the lower audio track is for placing the independent audio clips. Linked audio clip refers to an audio clip that will play only at a certain point of the timeline, for example an audio clip that only plays for a short time at the beginning of the slideshow. Independent audio clip refers to an audio track that will play throughout the entire slideshow.

  1. Extracting Audio from a Movie to Use in Your Slideshow

If the audio track that you want to use is in a video, you can extract it by first adding the video to the timeline. When the video is load on the timeline, it will show the movie and audio track in its respective tracks. Since you just want the audio track, you must delete the movie from the video track in the timeline.

  1. Using Transitions to Improve Your Slideshow

You can go to the transition tab and add some basic transitions to your slides. Adding transition can spice up your slideshow with some animation and may even be able to help you to get more points from your teacher. In the transition tab, you can browse the transition styles from the left side bar. You can add a transition style to your slide on the timeline and play back it on the preview panel to see how it works on your slideshow.


In conclusion, Movavi Slideshow Maker is a suitable for students who are not tech-savvy. The slideshow maker software features a simple interface that allows you to quickly master its features with no effort at all. You can add as many pictures to create the slideshows. You can use the basic photo editing tools to edit your picture slides because saving them as a slideshow.

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