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Key Tips for College Freshman Success

Have you just completed four rigorous ears of high school and are ready to embark on your college career? Congratulations are in order. Lots of long nights, challenging classes and too much fun with friends are the hallmarks of a high school student preparing for college. Heading off to college is a time of excitement, trepidation and most likely a wee bit of anxiety.  Follow these recommendations from successful college graduates and admissions counselors to ensure your first year of college is a success.

Key Tips for College Freshman Success

Dedicate sufficient time in the summer to prepare for your move in the fall. If you’ve signed up for a dorm room, reach out and connect with your assigned roommate to break the ice. Determine who will bring the carpet, fridge and other shared items. Some universities have restrictions on refrigerators, microwaves and plug-ins, so be sure to check the university housing web page before making any purchases. Stock up on toiletries, school supplies and clothing. If you’re traveling by car to move into your dorm with your family, consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and reserve a large van or SUV from the great selection and rates offered by Sixt car rentals. Between bedding and clothing, you’ll have quite the assortment of items to pack and haul to your dorm room.

Meet with your professors at the beginning of the semester and introduce yourself.  Take classes that are unfamiliar to you. Explore new people, new venues, clubs and organizations. College is an opportunity to expose yourself to a variety of ideas and people. Take advantage of this opportunity as it passes by very quickly. Time management is one of the greatest challenges faced by college freshmen. Commit to spending at least three hours each day studying outside of the classroom. You’ll set yourself up for success by mastering material as it’s presented. Best of luck to you as you embark on your college career!

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