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Hand Lettering Tips For Beginners

Hand lettering is everywhere. From street signs to chalkboard menus to global ad campaigns, we can see the hand letting at any part of the world. It is a challenging task for those who are entirely new to this method. It needs patience and practice. In this world, you are enough lucky to have the tips and tricks from professionals so that you can get started with it in an easy and effective manner. To know more about the hand lettering, you can pay a visit to

Hand Lettering Tips For Beginners

Tips to get started with

  • Select your pens and pencils

It is good to have the right supplies, which will assist in making the hand letting easier. At the same time, you should also avoid investing a lot of money on pencils and pens right away. You can find an extensive variety of devices that depend on what type of style you want to have in your lettering. Choose a right pen and pencil that meets your hand lettering needs.

  • Select your paper

Different categories of paper is available in the market. At the same time, it also works differently. When it comes to sketchbooks, they are always great to have on hand. Graph paper, tracing paper and other types of paper are more popular, which you can use in accordance with your needs. Make sure to use the paper that offers a great smoother surface and also the thick weight.

  • Warm up exercises

Before trying your hands on the lettering, you can do some warm up. Utilizing a ruler, draw straight lines and the angled straight lines, proceeding with more complex shapes and curves. It means that you have to do some homework to try out the essential things you have just bought to know how they work.

  • Begin lettering

Once you have felt comfortable, then it is the right time to start your hands on the lettering. When it is the time to play, you should feel nice and comfortable. Hand lettering offers you the freedom to do anything you are interested in doing with the letters. If you follow the experimentation, it comes up with new ideas. Visit now.

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