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Baby Toy Checklist for Newborn Babies

Newborns come to the world with a natural inquisitiveness of the neighboring environment. They love studying faces and are fascinated by sounds and lights. Therefore, surrounding your baby with the right toys stimulates their mind and provides a strong foundation for healthy growth and development.

¬†Moreover, babies spent most of their time sleeping; hence, soothing toys around the infant’s crib can proffer hours of enjoyment.

Some great toys for newborns are:

Baby Toy Checklist for Newborn Babies

A crib mobile

This is a tiny carousel of toys that are hanged above the baby’s crib and is an excellent welcome gift. However, it’s placed at a perfect distance from the baby’s face, plays soothing music, and consists of bright toys that go around in slow motions.

Soft toys

Soft toys are also ideal newborn toys since they are comfortable to hold and can also be very entertaining. For instance, baby rattles and squeaky toys do wonders for enhancing their sense of hearing as well as motor skills.

Though your baby can’t grasp rattles, they will love watching you shake them. Also, the movements and sounds will excite your baby’s mind. More so, the crinkle textured toys fascinate babies and provide them with a different sound to grab their attention.

Soft books

Soft books are also an excellent idea. They are great ways to introduce babies to reading, even at a very tender age. Though, books with contrasting colors or block designs of black and white are ideal.

Unbreakable mirror

A great toy for your baby’s first three months is an unbreakable mirror. The mirror aids your baby to become aware of the surroundings without having to go far. Also, it gives the baby some entertainment.

 Furthermore, babies love to stare at faces and the mirror permits them to see their face up close and assists their eyes to focus. You can even find the baby laughing to themselves or talking to the mirror.

Bouncy seats

By placing a bouncy chair on the floor, you enable the baby to build up their muscles by sitting up with the help of the chair. Also, most seats comprise of various toys, so the baby can play while being supported by the chair.

Stuffed animals

All babies adore fluffy animals. You can decide to purchase something elegant for the baby and name it; this will have lasting memories even as they grow up.

Play Gyms

Activity centers and play gyms are great for infants. They assist them with the development of considerable motor skills and also their cognitive abilities. Newborns can lie on their back and be stimulated by the pretty colors, and once they can move their legs, they can bat at the toys. Also, some play gyms have music that plays as the baby kicks their legs.


Music is favorite for all newborns. However, you don’t require musical toys, all you need is a CD with lullabies that will make your baby sleep.

Toys are an excellent way to help your child’s development. From birth, children are continually learning in their play environment. Therefore, simple toys that create sounds and light with buttons or knobs will be beneficial to your child’s cognitive development.

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