5 Language Software’s to Help You Learn German Easily

For those who want to learn German in the comfort of their own home, on their schedule, language software is the only way to go. German language software comes in many different packages, levels, price points—some are even free—so you have a wide array to choose from. But how can you tell which German language software program is right for your needs, skill level and budget?

Einfach!Top Five German Language Software Programs for Learning In case you didn’t understand, that means “simple” as in here are the top five German language software learning programs you should be looking at:

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  1. Rosetta Stone. Widely accepted as the leader in the language software field, it’s no surprise that this is one of the most comprehensive learning programs for German, but also no surprise it’s the most expensive. The starting price point is $275 for five levels (beginner to expert) or you can pay $299 for a 12-month subscription. Still, you get what you pay for here since you get a top of the line immersion learning program that will certainly have you hitting the hard consonants in the German language with precision. Rosetta stone doesn’t only get you a fast start on any language, it is also one of the best for building your vocabulary. Of course, if you’re looking for a translation-based learning program, this is not for you as Rosetta stone teaches by immersion meaning you will get no translations and you won’t get much help in grammar or sentence structure. Still, you will learn German, quickly and easily.
  2. German Transparent Language Complete Edition. German Transparent is a great beginning level German language software program that provides an excellent base in grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. The Complete Edition is the most comprehensive, but will run you $180 for the complete download. You can also use the Transparent Online service which starts at $17 a month and you can either use the Transparent Connect classroom training (for $100 a month) in place of that or as a supplement. This is a high-quality language learning software program with an easy to use back office where you can navigate through self-tests, progress reports, speech recognition programs (to instantly tell if your pronunciation is on or off) and much more in the way of PDFs and offline study packets. There is a six day free trial here, so you can see if it works for you before you buy. The key points here are that you will learn to listen, comprehend, respond with the correct pronunciation and use context to help you through the rough patches. Translation is also provided as well as BYKI, the fun vocabulary trainer that you can also purchase for $8 as a mobile app for German learning on the go.
  3. Tell Me More German Language Course. There are two types of learning modules available through this excellent, comprehensive German program. The v10.5 software CD/DVD program starts at $229 so you can access the program for life, or you can purchase the v10.5 Web pass for online access at $42 per month. Both will grant you access to stellar online lessons and exercises, spanning three levels (beg, into, adv.). You’ll learn everything from basic vocabulary to German phrases, all with the correct pronunciation. To reiterate, this is a comprehensive learning program so it is a lot to take in. If you’re just looking to tool around with simple German, this might not be for you. This software is for those who want to become fluent in German, so it is rich with features, exercises and information. Try it free for seven days to see if it’s too much or just right for your needs.
  4. Teach Me German from LinguaShop. One of the best aspects of Teach Me German is that LinguaShop is based in Germany, so you know that you’re getting lessons straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. This program is built by native German speakers who learned English, so it’s kind of reverse engineering for those who speak English looking to learn German. Overall, that makes it very effective. Complete with a CD Rom program and a comprehensive multimedia course, this is not a software learning program for advanced German students, but rather for the complete beginner who has never spoken German in their life. Further, you get voice recognition technology to ensure your pronunciation is spot on, all for an extremely reasonable starting price point of $48.
  5. Rocket German Language Program. Last but certainly not the least is the Rocket German learning software. This is a fun-based learning program that “rockets” you into the German language quickly and easily. With integrated games and quizzes, you’ll learn quicker because you are having more fun. The basic concept is that you’re put directly into typical scenarios that you’ll encounter in real life (e.g. eating at a restaurant, asking for directions, traveling at an airport, etc.) and you learn by acting out the scenario. Try Rocket German for free for 6 days and if you like it, you can grab the program for about $100 if you get it on special (typically around $150).About the Author – Samuel Roberts, the writer of this guest piece works for For some great tips on learning German through a software program, don’t forget to check out Rocket Languages for German today.

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