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3 Tips to Create a More Effective Presentation for University

Many university classes require students to present their work at some point or other. Unfortunately students may not have much experience creating presentations, and often have difficulty creating one that is effective.

If you are looking for tips that you can use to create more effective presentations for any university class – there are a few in particular that you should definitely take on board:

Effective Presentation for University

  • One point, one slide

Contrary to popular belief it isn’t a good idea to cram as many points as possible into each slide – and that really defeats the purpose. Instead you should limit each slide to a single point, and use it to deliver the information effectively.

In short the actual text on your slide should be kept to a minimum, and you should use the space that is available to add images and graphics that convey the point visually. That will make the information easier to absorb and people are likely to find your presentation more engaging.

  • Keep it short and concise

The presentation itself should be short and concise. It should focus on delivering a series of key points without any distractions.

Based on the number of slides you should be able to estimate the duration of your presentation. For example if you have 10 slides containing 10 points and you spend2 minute on each – it will be about 20 minutes long, which is what the 10-20-30 rule prescribes.

Although you may have been allotted a certain amount of time for your presentation – don’t feel compelled to fill it up. Instead, focus on delivering the message behind the presentation as concisely and effectively as possible.

  • Place a strong hook in the first slide

If you aren’t careful your audience may start to tune out immediately – which is why you should use your first slide to hook them and draw their attention. The best way to do that is to get straight to the point, and briefly describe what your presentation is about and how it will benefit them (i.e. what they stand to learn from it).

One way to add an interesting hook to your presentation is to open with a story. Needless to say it should be relevant to your presentation, and you may want to accompany it with an attention-grabbing visual.

Keep in mind that presentations are audiovisual, so you should take advantage of that fact. The software that you use will determine the types of audiovisual elements you can add, and for example you could use Movavi Slideshow Maker and follow the steps at

It should be noted that while transitions are popular in presentations and slideshows, you shouldn’t make the mistake of adding too many transitions. Instead they should be used specifically for slides that require special emphasis.

Overall it isn’t that difficult to create an effective presentation – so long as you approach it in the right way. At the end of the day you should try to focus on the message, and your goal should be to deliver it as effectively as possible.

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