What Are The Pitfalls for Today’s Teenagers?

If you just happen to be the parent of a teenager, you are about to experience something that will never be repeated, as your child has to deal with puberty and social pressures, to name but a few of the issues the modern urban teenager is exposed to. Society changes with the generations, and what is cool today would have been unthinkable in your era, yet this is the way of the world, and rather than stubbornly refuse to accept strange trends, as a parent, we should embrace new technology and be open minded with both fashion and taste in music. The kids today speak a language we know little about, and in order not to distance yourself from your child, be open minded and non-judgemental in your relationship.

Pitfalls for Today’s Teenagers

Be Their Best Friend

This is what you aspire to become to your child, and to do that, you must be an open minded person for the child to actually ask questions and get answers, without fear of retribution. Of course, the traditional way to keep a teenager on track is firm discipline with little leeway, yet this very often has the opposite effect and you then have a rebel on your hands. The modern concept of parenthood is all about dialogue, practical advice, and knowing when to take it up a notch and when to leave well alone. A young adult has a lot to process and the hormone imbalance does nothing to help, as emotions get strained.

The Role Models

If you want to know what a teenager looks up to, examine the people they follow. If a 13 year old boy idolises a junky pop singer who is always in the news for misbehaving, then you are going to have behavioural issues, as the young man tries to push the boundaries, but if their idol is a respected member of society or a sportsperson, the child is less likely to want to do anything extreme.

Bad Grades

There’s nothing like bad grades to demotivate a teenager, and the lower scores might not be the fault of the student, as external factors could play a part. If a 12 year old does not grasp the concept of algebra, for example, he or she will struggle in their early senior years, as the math becomes more and more in depth. Affordable private tutoring in Sydney will soon rectify this, and once your child is back at the top, their motivation will soon return.


This is a difficult subject, and while you might be tempted to wrap your child in cotton wool and keep the harsh reality of drug abuse away, it is not a good idea. One must accept certain realities, and yes, your child will be sometimes exposed to illegal substances and often, the topic in their circle is drugs, as they see and hear about it often in the media. If your child is knowledgeable about the harmful effects – and dangers – of illegal substances, then they are equipped to make an informed decision. Be open about this subject and if your child asks questions, tell them the truth and educate them about the dangers of drug abuse.

An early indicator of a rocky road ahead is a drop in school grades, and should this happen, call your local education centre and book some private tuition, which will have a positive effect on the future in many respects.

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