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Spotify Plays Is Fame-Machine

Spotify was one of the first ever streaming music listening services. Currently, the number of active users has exceeded 100 million, and the media library has more than 30 million songs. The popularity of the service is amazing. Well, if you are a novice performer and dream of fame, you will be glad to know that Spotify allows you to fulfill your potential and get a moment of fame. But how? First of all, you need an account and some tracks that you would like to show to the public. Following is the promotion, but the built-in promotion mechanisms will not be enough. The most effective option is to buy premium Spotify plays. Why premium? Let’s find out.

Spotify Plays Is Fame-Machine

For a complete understanding of the issue, you should familiarize yourself with the key features of the service. Spotify can be downloaded to almost all available platforms, such as a computer, smartphone, and even a smart fridge. A longer use of the service turns it into a true friend, always ready to tell what to listen to. And coupled with a wonderful system of recommendations, it is impossible to listen to the same songs, because intellectually selected playlists and radio stations will not let to get bored even the most demanding user.

But what about the difference between premium plays and regular plays? Will you, as a user, notice the difference in feedback after deciding to buy premium Spotify plays and regular ones? Perhaps from the client’s perspective the difference will not be noticeable immediately, but in the long term, paid listening will bring much greater benefit. Why is that? All because there is the possibility of registering a free and paid subscription to use the service. Unfortunately, a free subscription has a number of limitations that significantly interfere with the systems’ algorithms of calculating of the real popularity index of the track. What limitations are we talking about? For example, without a paid subscription, the application will have minor ads, absence of the ability to skip tracks or listen to only one song from an album. All these limitations do not contribute to the popularity of the track in the eyes of the algorithm. Because a paid user can fully decide what to listen to, without any restrictions. Accordingly, the opinion of such a subscriber is more valuable, because it is a real reflector of the popularity of the musician and his tracks. Now you know everything, my friend. Go ahead and remember – luck smiles bold.

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