How to Make Math Easy and Fun?

Many students dread math during their time at school; little do they realise that it is required in every phase of their life. Math is a very important part of our everyday life from a simple addition that is used in a grocery store to the probability of predicting a stock value. It all depends on the students’ interest in math which should be developed during their time at school. Yes, indeed it is a challenging task for the teacher to make the students well interested in the subject with complex topics like calculus, vectors, etc. With the enhancement of technology, studying complex concepts has become easy with the help of 3D animations and real-life examples.  Here we see few methods of how elementary students can fall in love with Maths.

Make Math Easy and Fun

Make it Hands-On:

Kids like to be involved more than simply sitting and listening to a lecture taught in class. Simple topics like addition, subtraction, etc. can be made more engaging and interactive if teachers make the students perform the operations by calculating the number of chocolates on the table.

Make it Hands-On


Gamification refers to math games which require mathematical calculations and concepts to play and compete with others to obtain points. This concept has slowly been introduced in educational institutes because of the numerous advantages it has to make learning more engaging.

Maths can be gamified in classrooms by playing games related to the concept that is being taught in class. This will motivate the students and keep their interest high and also help to learn different Math Formulas easily.


Visualization of The Concepts:

Visualization of the concepts is a vital factor since it helps in understanding complex concepts and also helps to retain these concepts for a longer period of time as the students develop a clear understanding of the concept. This also helps the student to fall in love with the subject and practice for themselves rather than just preparing for the exams.

Visualization of The Concepts

Showing Practical Relevances:

When the teacher shows the students on how the concepts that they study is related to their practical life, the students tend to develop an interest for the concept and also for the subject. Especially for a subject like Math where it is used in our everyday life, it is important for the teacher to help the students to relate the same.

The teacher can take practical examples of the concept that is being taught to help the students understand how maths is related to our everyday life.

Showing Practical Relevances

Here we have discussed few points on how the teacher can help the students to fall in love with math, helping the students to enjoy the subject and use the operations in our everyday life rather than dreading the subject and just preparing for the upcoming exams. The students can subscribe to Byju’s YouTube channel to have a peek at how concepts can be taught with the help of 3D animations with visualizations.

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